NCT Servo Turrent Punching Machine
NCT Servo Turrent Punching Machine

NCT Servo Turrent Punching Machine

product details  

Own core technology

1. Special 5-Axis Digital Control Algorithm and Bottom Control Program

2. Professional Strong torque electric servo head for punch press

3. Servo-class transmission-mechanism and reducer

Mechanical design advantage

1. Every mould position can be put special or unregular mould to meet the machining of complex work pieces.

2. There are 4 rotating position to improve productivity.

3. Parts with exact transmission is to make sure the high machining precision.

4. Centralized lubrication system is to make the maintenance easily.

5. No processing blind zone , saves raw materials.

6. O-type structure body, designed and tested by professional software,  ensure the work precision and long life.

CNC Punching Machine

CNC Punching Machine

Equipment work advantage

1. First piece inspection, breakpoint searching, real-time graphic display and lifecycle management system.

2. Servo-driven modular structure.

3. CNCKAD: common side cuts, automatic tool selection, automatic material optimal layout,  analogue simulation.

4.+ Internet : remote control production management, programming, diagnostic and maintenance.

CNC Punching Machine CNC Punching Machine

CNC Punching Machine

ModelWME334 / WME336WME334A / WME336AWME334B / WME336BWME334C / WME336C
Punching capacitykN300
Punching strokemm62
Max processing  thicknessmm6
The procesing size of clamping one timemm1250 ×12502500 × 12502500 × 15002500 × 2000
Max movement speedm/min113
Max load weightkg150
Punching speedhpm500 (stroke : 4mm, step distance: 25mm)
Punching speedhpm800 (stroke : 4mm, step distance: 1mm)
Punching speedhpm1600(stroke: 1mm, step distance: 0.5mm)
Machining precisionmm±0.1
Turret speedrpm30
Max punching OD one timemmφ88.9


A 1/2φ1.6  ~  12.714
B 1 1/4φ12.7  ~  31.710(2AI)
C 2φ31.7  ~  50.84(2AI)
D3 1/2φ50.8 ~  88.92

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